it is what it is.

Join our super intimate party with Red Greg, Charlie Sunday and only 99 other dancers on April 16th.

The latest Movement in Sound show in now up for playback. I was joined by Lazee Luq with a really nice breakbeat special.

Lots of beautiful music in the March’ episode of Movement in Sound show on Relate Radio. Find the tracklist here.

IIWII-dancer from the first hour DJ Cadillac came through with a lovely vibing mix for Movement in Sound.

Listen back to this month’s episode of the Movement in Sound show with guest DJ Cadillac on Relate Radio.

Charlie Sunday plays Yowsah! with Danou P on February 24th.

About us

From a much loved temporary club to dances like Raw Cuts, Sundays are for Dancing and more. We organise events, host a radio show and release mixtapes on the soulful side of house music in Groningen. We do things from the heart and with a loving dedication for good music.


Sent a message to when you have a question about the parties, tickets, want to contribute to the mix series or make an appearance on the Movement in Sound radio show.